Guaranteed Grass Growth at Competitive Prices in Kelowna & surrounding Areas

For effective seeding and faster germination, Instant Green Hydroseeding serves residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the Okanagan Valley and western Canada, applying our productive method to a variety of grass projects in Kelowna & surrounding areas with great success.

The Benefits of Hydroseeding

Trying to seed an area on a steep slope can be hard enough as it is without experiencing erosion due to rain. Hydroseeding can be used in hard-to-reach places and consists of a few key ingredients that help stabilize erosion control, while also promoting a faster rate of germination.

Slurry Mixture and Hydroseeding Process

A hydroseed mix contains the following organic ingredients:

Water: Helps to jumpstart germination once contact is made with the seed.

Mulch: A by-product of the forest industry, this fibre can absorb 10 to 15 times its weight in water. It adds green colour, protects the seed, seals in moisture and regulates temperature.

Fertilizer: Stimulates root growth and provides a constant source of nutrients during initial growth.

Seed: Different types are chosen based on climate, objectives required or a specific appearance, depending on the site. We only use seed stock from government-inspected & approved seed houses. Check out our detailed seed list of BC Native Grasses.

Tackifiers: Help with erosion control, especially in steep areas and work in rainy or dry conditions.

Frequent Light Watering

Increase the success of your freshly hydroseeded lawn with multiple short bursts of water applied throughout the day. This involves 5 to 10 minutes of watering at a time, about 2 to 3 times daily during the first 2 weeks. Afterward, watering can be gradually reduced. Taking this extra time will result in a more fruitful lawn.

Your satisfaction is important, which is why we guarantee your grass will grow*, even if that means coming back to perform spot treatments. For the best grass in Kelowna, choose Instant Greeen Hydroseeding!


We are a premium seed, mulch and fertilizer provider, using only top brands in our mixtures:

  • Quality Seeds West

  • Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd.

  • TerraLink

  • Western Seed & Erosion Ltd.

  • Ecofibre Technology


  • Okanagan Fertilizer

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